Sun in Jar  / Zon in Pot
Installation in De Ruimte Gallery, Amsterdam, 1990
Installatie in De Ruimte, Amsterdam 1990


Destroyed drawings transformed onto the wall

When I found a possibility to exhibit my sun jars, I went to look at the space. I took a little booklet, in which I had drawn some of the standard forms of sun jars. I imagined the jars on the wall. When I held these middle pages against a corner I imagined them, painted on the two walls. The other artists agreed to let me paint this part of the space.

I worked a whole week painting this construction. I designed the construction at home. I made a slide and projected it first straight on the right wall and then tilted on the left wall. It was about three and a half meters high and two times six meters long. I used wet towels with acrylic paints two fill in the forms. Two jars are hanging in a construction.
I decided to put the real jars in triangle at the floor. It seemed to me that the souls of the drawings came out of the remains and transformed themselves onto the wall. The jars seemed to change while walking through the room from wide to narrow.