Pregnant Universe    Een wereld is zwanger

Installation at Noordkunst Art Fair, Zuidlaren,
The Netherlands, 1991
Installatie op Noordkunst, Zuidlaren, 1991

For an installation at an international art fair I went further with the idea "jar in jar". An association with pregnancy arose. It was as if that, after the destruction, and after the designing of the many universes (at the same time cells) I felt that something was growing. I painted a more complex form of about three meters high, which I called "Pregnant Universe". Again there is a kind of symmetrical form. Symmetrical like people are symmetrical, with slight differences on the outside and some big differences in the inside( the heart). The square below forms a podium. It might also refer to the black square of Malevich, which represented for him the end of the old art and the beginning of the new. After he made the square, he started to break it open and to make all kinds of coloured floating forms.

I painted "Pregnant Universe" while the wall was laying horizontally
on the floor. Otherwise the thin fluid paints would drip and make traces.
It was very difficult to balance on the fragile framework: a skeleton with
thin triplex. I could only stand on certain points. If I would have lost
my balance I would have broken the painting. After the workers put the
heavy wall upright.