Double Penis
Tel Aviv Bus Station, 1996

One of the many dual symmetric paintings I made looked like a double penis. This seemed to me the only shape fit to appear on the wall of the Tel Aviv Bus Station and to give at least a small part of it the potence it had missed until now. At the same time, I hoped, the rod could beat everything that bothered eyes or ears. Before the resemblance with the double penis arose I associated the construction with a pair of eyes, with seeing, so, "seeing" and "creating" combined. At the same time the thing was saying "Fuck You!" The likeness is not very obtrusive, but I was very pleased when, at the opening, a man with a strong smell of alcohol entered the room and shouted: Look! That is a penis! Look here! These are the balls, and that's the head!"

It was hard work to make the 5 meter long construction. Before I started I made a painting opposite in order to test the wall, the paint and the tools. I used the form of the toilet bowls I had designed. A round red stone with a hole inside, resembling the stones of antique olive presses which are so abundant in the Middle East, would press objects put inside. This form I developed into "Art Processors". Art Processors theoretically process anything called art, including art theory from Fiedler to Foucault. In this manner I came back to the idea of transformation art, which I had started 7 years earlier. On the floor I started to make the processing itself visible, making circles by hand, using myself as a compass. This is a ritual I do first in every new working place that I have entered, but this is the first time I have shown the resulting form.