Transformed Images
Installations in Nachshon Gallery, Israel, 1996   Installaties in Galerie Nachshon, Israel, 1996

Transformed Images

Exactly eight years before the opening of this Exhibition in Nachshon I started a process in which I transformed 1000 of my drawings and prints into pulp grains. Each drawing I put with water in a blender. During seven months my apartment was full of drying heaps of the mortal remains of those art works. After drying I put each of them in a glass jar. These were shown on shelves at an exhibition in Holland and 500 of them are now in Nachshon. They fill a cabinet in one of the boiler rooms, together with all kinds of machine parts that were laid there to rest. All jars are numbered. A list gives details about all the destroyed works like title, technique, dimensions, date of creation and date of destruction.



Art Processors

This year I made a series of 144 framed small oblong watercolours. They all show a round red stone with a hole inside a glass jar, standing on a square. They all seem similar, but none are equal. The red ring refers to the round stones of antique olive presses, abundant in Israel. I baptized them "Art Processors". They, according to my idea, receive anything called art with their antenna-like stick and transform it. I put 36 of them in the white room next to the boiler rooms in Nachshon. They are hanging on eye-height with intervals of 21 cm. They might do their processing work well together with the network of pipes through which all kinds of fluids are flowing.

Bhagavad Gita

efore I started the transformation of the art works I shattered an edition of the Bhagavad Gita. Nobody ever saw the results, but a few people I told about it. Here in Nachshon I show the leftovers, put in plastic bags, hanging on thin wires from the pipes in the boiler room, as if leaking from them and falling on the floor.