Exercise in Hiding Fear

Oefening in het Verbergen van Angst
Installation in Givat Chaviva Gallery (Israel), 1997
Installatie in Givat Chaviva Galerie (IsraŽl), 1997

I painted a lot of pyramids. I like those geometric forms. Like in most of my earlier watercolours I made them with compass and ruler. I did not make them heavy and massive as the Egyptian pyramids, but light and transparent. I took parts out of them and filled the holes with colour. I cut the middle away and connected top and bottom with wire-like lines. I made pyramids in pyramids and I added pyramids to the works I named "Art Processors". Then I took the step of making a spatial pyramid. I did not want to use heavy material like stone or plaster. I used thin wool and cotton threads, stretched them from one point on the ceiling of my bomb shelter-studio in Jerusalem and connected them to the floor with tape. Both threads and tape came from a holocaust survivor who, after the Gulf War, had stored enough for the next six wars.


I decided to make a pyramid of threads which covers about one third of the gallery floor in Givat Chaviva. Inside it I planned a second one which covers a third pyramid. That third one I build of pulp from destroyed newspapers and archives. The installation looks like a tent (a temporary dwelling) and a pyramid (a mausoleum meant to give eternal rest) at the same time: an interesting contradiction.